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2401 International Lane
Madison, WI 53704
Category: Servicer, Alternative Loans, Borrower Services, Default Prevention, FFELP Loans, Financial Literacy, Guarantor, Lender Services, PLUS Loans, Private Loans, Scholarship Provider, Stafford Loans
At Great Lakes, we believe college completion has the power to transform lives. That's why our mission is supporting students—and those who work with them—to make higher education accessible, the student loan process simpler, and the possibility of completing and paying for college real. Using our experience, we develop resources that help you positively impact your students through prioritized, easy actions—all backed by dedicated representatives, expert support and training, and the same mission-driven vision that drives Great Lakes' philanthropic reinvestment in student success. Learn More! Visit our booth, contact your Great Lakes representative, or visit our website.
New Product or Service: Portfolio Navigator
Description: Connect All of Your Students with the Repayment Help They Need- Great Lakes' enhanced Portfolio Navigator allows you to use NSLDS data to identify all of your students who need repayment help, not just students with Great Lakes. Plus, you can put your data to work, using our new Action Center delinquency outreach tool to connect each student to their servicer for repayment assistance. Contact your Great Lakes representative to learn more!