117 College Ave Student Loans

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1105 N. Market Street
20th Floor
Wilmington, DE 19801
P: 302-684-6067
Category: Private Loans, Alternative Loans, Financial Literacy
Launched in December 2014, College Ave Student Loans believes higher education is the best foundation for the future, and is committed to helping students fund that education as easily and affordably as possible. College Ave Student Loans is creating private student loan products that are well priced and trusted by students and families who need additional funds for education. By specializing in student loans, the company is focused on offering consumers great rates, flexible terms, and a customer-friendly process from the application to the repayment plan.
New Product or Service: College Ave Student Loan Products (Undergraduate and Graduate)
Description: The College Ave Student Loan Product for undergraduate and graduate students has low rates and no origination fees to help students and families borrow confidently. We offer multiple repayment options and terms (8, 10, 12, or 15 years) and show students how much their loan would cost—under each repayment scenario and term - to promote responsible borrowing. The result is a flexible loan your students can customize to best fit their financial needs.