General Session - Yes or No? Student Loans Are a Crisis For Students and the Economy

Monday, July 20, 2015: 9:00 AM-10:00 AM
Empire Ballroom - Level 2 (Hyatt Regency New Orleans)
Session Type: Events
Student loan borrowing continues to escalate each year, and with an estimated 7 million borrowers in default on over $100 billion.  Have we now reached a level of crisis that will soon  wreak havoc on students and the economy? Come join this "oxford style" debate between two teams as they present reasoned arguments on whether student debt has grown to such epic levels that it is now a crisis for students, the economy, and our national future. Audience members will play a role in determining the winner by voicing their opinion by text after two teams make their case.
John Donvan (Intelligence Squared/ABC News)
Andrew Kelly (American Enterprise Institute (AEI))
Elizabeth Akers (Brookings Institute)
Kevin Fudge (American Student Assistance)
Mark Huelsman (Demos)