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One Letterman Drive
Building A, Suite 4700
San Francisco, CA 94129
P: (855) 456-7634
Website: www.sofi.com
Category: Bank/Lender, Alternative Loans, FFELP Loans, Private Loans, Stafford Loans, Consolidation Loans
SoFi is reinventing consumer finance for the better. We’re a leader in marketplace lending, with over $3 Billion in loans issued to date. We help early stage professionals accelerate their success with student loan refinancing, mortgages, mortgage refinancing, parent, and personal loans. Our nontraditional underwriting approach takes into account merit and employment history among other factors, so we offer products that can’t be found elsewhere. We offer individual and institutional investors the ability to create positive social impact on the communities they care about while earning compelling rates of return.
New Product or Service: SoFi Parent Loan
Description: We applaud parents who are helping their children finance their education and giving them the freedom to focus on learning. We believe they shouldn’t overpay for education with a one-size-fits-all parent loan. That's why we developed a product with zero origination fees and a choice of fixed or variable interest rates.