Clantha McCurdy

Senior Deputy Commissioner
Massachusetts Department of Education
Boston MAUSA

Biographical Sketch:
Dr. Clantha Carrigan McCurdy serves as the Senior Deputy Commissioner for the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education. Overseeing the Commonwealth’s Office of Student Financial Assistance, Dr. McCurdy is responsible for managing the state’s annual budget for scholarships, grants, loans and tuition waivers and advises the Board of Higher Education on statewide financial aid policy and related student services initiatives. She has chief responsibility for other statewide initiatives, which include GEAR UP and the Police Career Incentive Pay Program. With over thirty years of higher education experience, Dr. McCurdy represents the Commonwealth of Massachusetts on numerous state, regional and national boards and committees. She is a leader in higher education, financial aid policy, and continues to direct many of the Department of Higher Education’s initiatives that serve to promote college access and affordability for students throughout the Commonwealth.