Philip Hawkins

Director of Financial Aid
The George Washington University Law School
Washington DC
Biographical Sketch:
Philip Hawkins began his career in higher education 26 years ago in residence life, then drifted his way through various student affairs roles before landing in Financial Aid in 2002. He has worked in the Financial Aid field at small private colleges and large public universities in Georgia before arriving at the George Washington University Law School as their Director of Financial Aid in March, 2017. He served as the GASFAA (Georgia) President in 2012-2013, served on the SASFAA Board as state rep in 2012-2013 and Legislative Relations Chair in 2013-2014. He currently serves on the EASFAA Council (2017-2018 and 2018-2019) as the Training Chair for the NASFAA Credential Program. He has successfully completed all 17 NASFAA Credentials. Philip has two adult children who live in the greater Atlanta area in Georgia. In his spare time, Philip enjoys singing with the Congressional Chorus in Washington, DC.