David Bartnicki

Training Officer
U.S. Department of Education
Atlanta, GA

Biographical Sketch:
David has worked for the U.S. Department of Education’s Federal Student Aid Office for 21 years. He has served as an Institutional Review Specialist, Institutional Improvement Specialist (IIS), Branch Chief for Contract Compliance and is currently a Federal Training Officer. David’s entire government career has been in the Atlanta Regional Office where he currently works directly with over 1,000 postsecondary schools in the Southeast Region. As a training officer, David provides training and technical assistance on a wide variety of federal student aid topics to schools, state agencies, accreditation bodies and higher education organizations through a variety of state, regional, national and Department venues. While in FSA, David has helped redesign the FSA Assessment Modules, developed the popular “Ask A FED” booth at the annual FSA Conferences, and developed the Department’s compliance review process for ED’s private collection agencies. David serves on the Conference Delivery Team, the Training Topics Report Team, and the National Verification Team. In addition, David has received several financial aid awards including the 2014 Certificate of Recognition from the State of Alabama Governor Bentley’s Office; 2013 FSA Award for Most Innovative Team, 2013 FASFAA Distinguished Service Award (FL), 2013 TASFAA Distinguished Service Award (TN), the 2012 SASFAA Distinguished Service Award (Southern Regional), the 2012 AASFAA John H. Buchanan Distinguished Service Award (AL), 2012 MASFAA Special Recognition Award (MS), the 2011 Kentucky “Admiral” Award, 2010 FSA Award for Best Mission Results, the 2005 Florida Public Career Technical Center’s Merit Award, the 2003 SCASFAA Distinguished Service Award (SC), the 2003 AASFAA Award of Merit (AL) and the 2001 NCASFAA Award of Merit (NC). When not working, David enjoys spending time with his wife, Christy, and sons Luke (15), Adam (14), and Ethan (11).