Mr. Sherwin Hibbets

Director, Regulatory Affairs
Financial Aid Management for Education, Inc.
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Biographical Sketch:
Sherwin serves as FAME’s Director of Regulatory Affairs. In his current role he represents postsecondary institutions at program reviews and eligibility certification visits, as well as conducts site visits and training events at institutions. Further, he writes regulatory compliance articles for publication. He is a past President of NDASFAA and VASFAA, as well as a Board member of SASFAA. Additionally, he has served as chair and member of several NASFAA committees, besides serving as NASFAA Commission Director. He further served as a member of the NASFAA’s Task Force on Professional Excellence and as a charter member of NASFAA's Peer Review team. In the campus environment, he has served as Director of Financial Aid at the university level, and has worked at public, private, and proprietary institutions. Sherwin has presented frequently at a broad range of higher education associations' and organizations' conferences and training programs across the country.