Mrs. Shannon Cross

Strategic Business Director
Lincoln, NE

Biographical Sketch:
Beginning in 1998 at Shorter University in admissions, Shannon's primary job responsibility was conducting presentations about the university and the financial aid process. Later she transitioned to the student lending arm of Regions Bank conducting workshops on financial literacy and money management for high school students, school counselors, and higher education financial aid professionals. At SallieMae for six years she frequently worked in the financial aid offices of colleges educating students and parents about the loan process and financial literacy. In addition, she conducted entrance and exit counseling sessions throughout the southeast region. Shannon has several years of experience at USAFunds, partnering with organizations to conduct workshops at colleges in Georgia including Money Matters through the FDIC. Now on the Inceptia team, Shannon uses her rich financial aid knowledge to help schools apply a customized plan tailored to meet their specific needs. More importantly, it meets and exceeds the needs of students on their way to achieving financial success.