Anneleissa Coen

LEDA Scholar, Recent Graduate of Reed College
Leadership Enterprise for a Diverse America (LEDA)
New York, NY

Biographical Sketch:
Anneleissa Coen is an aspiring Student Affairs professional with their Bachelor's in Sociology from Reed College. They are currently taking a year off from school, working for a global compliance software company where they provide tech support. They then intend to pursue their Master's in Social Work with a focus on Higher Education. They are passionate about advocating for educational policies that will reduce inequalities in higher education. During their undergraduate career, Anneleissa served as the coordinator for Reed's Peer Mentor Program, the Community Wellness intern, a Peer Health Advocate, and engaged in several leadership development institutes. They also often joke about having an unofficial minor in Portuguese due to attending Middlebury's Portuguese Language School, interning at a children's health non-profit in Rio de Janeiro, and conducting thesis research on the experiences of women who train capoeira in Bahia, Brazil. During their free time, Anneleissa enjoys going out social dancing, training capoeira, practicing French horn, playing footbag, hiking, and spending quality time getting to know people over tea.