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38 Buttonwood Court
Madison, WI 53718
P: 608-770-5954
Category: Financial Literacy, Counseling, Default Prevention, Guarantor
For more than 50 years, Ascendium Education Solutions® has made postsecondary education a reality for millions of people. We’re a nonprofit and the nation’s largest student loan guarantor, a provider of student success tools, and a philanthropy whose mission is to elevate opportunities and outcomes for learners from low-income backgrounds. We believe in the boundless power of education and support big dreams. We provide the Attigo® suite of student success solutions. Our nationally recognized persistence and completion curriculum, student debt letter, default management counseling, and training for higher education professionals take student success initiatives to new heights. Persistence and Completion • GradReady® a comprehensive online, turn-key student success curriculum presenting the topics students need to improve persistence and completion. • College Cost Meter® an easy to use, fully compliant, and cost-effective student debt letter to clearly present financial aid and student loan information. It’s a great complement to FSA’s Informed Borrower Confirmation process. Default Management • Cohort Catalyst® a comprehensive repayment support, default prevention, and loan rehabilitation solution supporting students through outreach, education, and counseling. • Cohort Analyzer® a data analysis tool that quickly and easily identifies cohort discrepancies. Used throughout the year it reduces the challenges schools need to research and submit.