Anne Walker

Rice University
Houston, TX

Biography: Please feel free to shorten or change tense: I began my financial aid career shortly after returning to the workforce after staying home with three very busy kids. I was Director of Enrollment Management and Financial Aid at Brazosport College in Lake Jackson. While there, I also taught 2 classes, Principles of Management and Principles of Marketing. During my final year at Brazosport College, we implemented the FFELP program. It was a challenge to help students understand that although loans were available, they often didn’t need the full amount. I learned an important saying during that time, “If you borrow now to live like a professional, when you graduate, you’ll end up living like a student in order to pay back those loans.” I was fortunate to have worked closely with TG during this implementation and found my next career path. I joined TG as an Account Manager and spent 4 years with them. When I left, I was a Senior Account Executive, assisting others on the team in their regions. I like to say that I have visited almost every campus in Texas. Shortly before leaving TG, I was part of their Leadership Development Program. The capstone to that was a white paper on adult learners as well as a trip to DC to visit our representatives to ask for support of the FFELP program. I then joined Rice University as their Director of Financial Aid. I’ve been with them for 8 years now. 2 years ago, I completed Rice Leaders, a program to develop selected leaders on the Rice campus. I am currently serving as the TASFAA President, as well as working on a NASFAA task force for their Leadership Expo. I am also a regional representative for the College Board’s Southwestern Regional Council. I’ve presented numerous times over the years at conferences and symposium’s with my next presentation being at NASFAA’s Leadership Expo for New and Aspiring Aid Directors.