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P.O. Box 7139
Boulder, CO 80306
P: 888-704-9090
Category: Financial Literacy
FATV is an award-winning content and technology company that promotes student self-service through a unique, highly-visual, and easily customizable knowledgebase of financial aid content. Schools use FATV to answer student questions, reduce phone calls, improve customer service, and educate students on important topics such as financial aid, satisfactory academic progress, and financial literacy.
New Product or Service: FATV's GetAnswers New Feature: Chatbot
Description: FATV’s GetAnswers service now includes a financial aid chatbot. Our 24/7, customized chatbot loves answering student and parent questions! By using IBM's Watson Technology to understand what your students really want to know, the chatbot provides short, crisp, and highly-visual engaging answers that explain financial aid. Communicating in real time with a unique - and highly visual - financial aid chatbot can reduce staff time and promote self service.