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P.O. Box 82507
Lincoln, NE 68501
P: 888-529-2028
Category: Debt Management, Web Services
Inceptia exists to help schools launch brilliant futures for their students, free from the burden of debt. We support this mission by offering effective and uncomplicated solutions in financial aid management, default prevention, and financial education. With our innovative tools, financial aid administrators get more time and freedom to focus on students – and students gain the knowledge needed to become financially responsible citizens. Learn more at
New Product or Service: Award Letter Advisor, Form Innovator
Description: Award Letter Advisor opens the door to enhanced student communication early in the financial aid process by efficiently delivering award letters that can boost enrollment, promote your school, help students understand available financial aid and remaining financial responsibility. Form Innovator helps you gather information in an intuitive, automated way making it easy for you to collect all of the information you need from your students. No more scanning and indexing for you or your students!