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380 Main Street
Salem, NH 03079
P: 603-401-8139
F: 888-821-5404
Category: Borrower Services, Debt Management
With over 35 years of higher education expertise, Windham's Inbound & Outbound Call Center Solutions drive student success and help busy departments increase operational efficiencies. From enrollment through graduation and beyond, we enhance the student experience across the entire lifecycle with custom-designed programs built to address your students' needs and your actual business challenges – not someone else's. Capitalizing on our student-focused approach and client-centered training, Windham becomes a true extension of your internal team to educate, mediate, and consult with students to increase satisfaction, retention, graduation rates, and rankings while also reducing costs. Let Windham help you help your students.
New Product or Service: Inbound & Outbound Call Center Solutions
Description: Overflow. Seasonal. After hours. Part-time or full-time. Current students and former. Windham delivers student-focused inbound and outbound support solutions for busy financial aid offices. Fully customizable and scalable to suit your needs while solving complex business challenges, our team of higher education experts design solutions for colleges and universities of all sizes backed by a flexible pricing model. Free up your staff, let Windham help.