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NASFAA's Standards of Excellence (SOE) Review Program offers objective, confidential peer reviews that assess your institution's delivery of student financial aid. One school client described the SOE review as "closely mirroring a federal review, right down to the entrance and exit interviews with our president." The full SOE Review Program looks at all aspects of Title IV program administration. In addition, a full review includes a Consumer Information Assessment, which we also offer as a stand-alone evaluation that covers disclosure and reporting requirements. Each peer review report includes an overview of the strengths of the school, the areas where it was not complying with regulation, and recommended improvements to increase efficiency, automation, and student service. NASFAA's peer reviews specialize in federal financial aid administration and the peer reviewers are current financial aid practitioners. Visit for more details about our peer review services.
New Product or Service: Consumer Information Assessment: A NASFAA Peer Review Service
Description: Complying with consumer information rules is tough. Year after year, disclosure and reporting issues remain in the top 10 audit and program review findings. NASFAA’s new Consumer Information Assessment is a cost- and time-effective peer review of your school’s compliance with consumer information requirements. Your Assessment will include all the hot topics, such as Gainful Employment and the Clery Act, and our Peer Reviewers will maintain your school’s full confidentiality.