Othot - #412

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501 Holiday Drive
Suite 115
Pittsburgh, PA 15220
P: 4124584167
Website: www.othot.com
Category: Computer Software Provider
Othot is an advanced analytics SaaS company that partners with higher education institutions to answer their most pressing strategic questions about student enrollment, financial aid, and retention. The Othot Platform takes customer and third party data and applies advanced machine learning algorithms to surface important insights that higher education institutions use to prioritize marketing and recruitment resources, optimize financial aid allocations, and support at-risk students. Insights are delivered in real-time and throughout the student lifecycle. Othot's Sensitivity Analysis is used by financial aid and enrollment professionals to see how different levels of financial aid may impact an individual student's likelihood to enroll at a college or university. Othot's user-friendly dashboard can be safely accessed on any device, anytime, anywhere and insights can be integrated into your current data systems and workflow. With Othot, you can see, understand, and select the best path to reach your goals.