The NHHEAF Network Organizations - #424

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4 Barrell Court
Concord, NH 03301
Category: Private Loans
While our name is new to many NASFAA conference attendees, we have a long history of supporting students' educational aspirations and fulfilling our nonprofit mission. From NHHEAF’s first student loan — offered in 1963 — through today, our focus has remained the same: affordable student lending products with exceptional service. We're proud to continue fulfilling our mission on an even greater scale as our student lending products are now utilized by students across the country and are no longer limited to our home state of New Hampshire. Funded by the nonprofit New Hampshire Higher Education Loan Corporation (one of three nonprofits comprising the NHHEAF Network Organizations), the EDvestinU Student Loan program takes pride in not only offering an affordable lending program, but also, a responsible lending program highlighted by its less than 1% default rate. So while we may seem new to you, we’re anxious to show how our strong history, and focused mission has enabled our organization to be a valuable student lending option for your students.