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Category: Consulting Service
Awarding financial aid today requires sophisticated analysis that allows an institution to consider many scenarios to balance strategic enrollment goals, student need, and institutional finances in order to optimize yield and net revenue. RNL Advanced FinAid Solutions provide the analytics and insight needed for successful awarding strategies in today’s higher education market. Our new RNL Smart View dashboards provide 24/7 access to intuitive and interactive information to monitor key metrics and are just one of the seven powerful components of optimizing your financial aid strategy. Communicating financial aid is just as important as leveraging it so we have introduced Personalized Financial Aid Videos - come see how we are changing the delivery of award notifications.
New Product or Service: RNL Personalized FinAid Video
Description: The RNL Personalized FinAid Video is a breakthrough in financial aid communication, designed to engage students and parents by explaining their award package in a short video. It’s an automated, streamlined solution that delivers precise personalization to every student. Branded to your institution, the video includes a personalized greeting, their total award package, breakdown of types of aid the student is receiving, their net cost, unique value proposition, and next steps.