Grad PLUS: To Package or Not to Package

Monday, June 27, 2022: 4:15 PM-5:15 PM
Meeting Room 17 (Austin Convention Center)

Session Type: Interest Sessions
Track: Graduate & Professional Issues Track
Audience: All
Credit Type: Credit Hours and Clock Hours
School Type: Graduate/Professional
This session will have several panelists from a variety of graduate/professional programs and institutions, some who offer Grad PLUS loans as part of the initial financial aid offer and others who do not initially offer Grad PLUS. Panelists who do package with Grad PLUS will discuss their process and why they currently offer Grad PLUS, if they're thinking about changing, and what they're doing to help keep debt down. Panelists who don't package with Grad PLUS will discuss the decision to move in that direction, if/how much additional work this is, are if there are any drawbacks.
Brian Drabik (Northwestern University)
Emily Osborn (Northwestern University Chicago Campus)
Keyshia R Conner (University of Arizona - College of Veterinary Medicine)
Reyes Aguilar (University of Utah)