In Data We Trust

Tuesday, June 26, 2018: 10:15 AM-11:15 AM
Room 8ABC (Austin Convention Center)
Session Type: Interest Sessions
Track: Training
Subcategories: Research & Data Analysis Track
Audience: All
Credit Type: Credit Hours and Clock Hours
School Type: All Schools
Financial aid data has taken on an increasing role on many campuses, and without good data, it’s impossible to make well-informed decisions. As the use of data-informed decision-making grows, the number and complexity of data requests has significantly increased. Managing requests for this data, along with already mandated federal and state reporting, becomes another task for the financial aid office. This session will focus on the steps we have taken to handle these requests, to ensure the availability and reliability of our data, and to balance the need for information with our mandate to protect student privacy.
Ms. Victoria Hampton (University of Hartford)
Dr. Shannon Venezia (University of Connecticut)
Naomi McKenna (University of Connecticut)