Interest Sessions

Monday, June 25, 2018

8:30 AM-9:30 AM

ED: Administering Title IV Aid for Transfer Students
Moderator: Daniel Mann
Speakers: Kevin Campbell and Trevor Summers

Just Keep Swimming! The Importance of Mental Health in the Financial Aid Profession
Moderator: Debra LaGrone
Speakers: Joseph Dobrota and Philip Hawkins

Reauthorization Ready? Updates on Content and Timing of HEA
Speakers: Justin Draeger, Stephen Payne and Megan McClean Coval

Student Debt Letters: Lessons Learned
Moderator: Mary Jane Towne-Denton
Speakers: Holly Johnson and Matt Tveter

When Disaster Hits at the Worst Possible Time
Moderator: Susan Swisher
Speakers: JoEllen Soucier, Joel Philistin, Jana Cox and Mr. Wayne Kruger

9:45 AM-10:45 AM

Breaking Customer Service Rules to Provide 'Uncommon Service' to Your Students
Moderator: Kristen Gast
Speakers: Chrisy Woll and Michael Johnson

Enrollment and Compliance Reporting and the National Student Clearinghouse
Moderator: Karen McCarthy
Speakers: Julie Esau and George Levathes

Gainful Employment - Getting the Institution Involved
Moderator: Cristi Millard
Speakers: Cristi Millard, Andrew Hammontree, Vicki Kucera and Debra Hintz

How Do I Advise My Undocumented Students Now?
Moderator: Beth Maglione
Speaker: Angela D. Adams

Lessons Learned in Our First Few Years of Being A Director
Moderator: Dr. Rebekah Salcedo
Speakers: Dr. Rebekah Salcedo, Angela Karlin, Nicholas W Prewett, Justin Chase Brown and Ms. Beth Armstrong

New Study from Sallie Mae and Ipsos: How America Pays for Graduate School 2017
Moderator: Lisa K Mitchell
Speakers: Ms. Katherine Anderson, Emily Sillcocks and Lisa K Mitchell

11:00 AM-12:00 PM

ED: A Guide to Year-Round Federal Pell Grants
Moderator: Zita Barree
Speakers: Carney McCullough and Marie Fitzpatrick

Like Kittens with a Shiny Object: How to Get Students to Pay Attention to You
Moderator: Michelle Stipp
Speakers: Matthew Metz, Michelle Stipp and Shar-Day Campbell

Living on Credit: Trends in Student Borrowing for Non-Tuition Expenses
Moderator: Rachel Fishman
Speakers: Ben Barrett, Kim Dancy, Colleen Campbell and Kelly Morrissey

Tackling Higher Ed’s Biggest Challenges with 50-Forward Thinking Institutional Leaders
Moderator: Justin Draeger
Speakers: Robert Collins, Angela Johnson, Daniel Mann and Anne Cartwright

Moderator: Tabatha Turner
Speakers: Joshua Leonard and Erin Porter

3:15 PM-4:15 PM

ED: Common Origination and Disbursement (COD) System Update
Speakers: Wood Mason and Marie Fitzpatrick

Help! How do I Advise my Students on Income-Driven Repayment Plans When I Don't Understand Them?
Moderator: Celeste Franklin
Speakers: Elizabeth Collins and Sally Mickelson

Making Your Workflow Work FOR You
Moderator: Karen Krause
Speakers: Rachael Fournier and Consuela Mitchell

NASFAA's Public Policy Open Forum
Speakers: Justin Draeger, Karen McCarthy and Megan McClean Coval

NASFAA’s Code of Conduct and Ethical Principles
Moderator: Mary Sommers
Speakers: Mary Sommers and Lisa Hopper

Slow Down, Enrollment Management is Trying to Catch You......
Moderator: Amy Berrier
Speakers: Brenda Burke and Deborah Tollefson

The Fit and Function(s) of Financial Aid in Enrollment Management
Moderator: Daniel McCourry
Speakers: Dr. Forrest Stuart and Anthony P Jones

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

10:15 AM-11:15 AM

Change: Practical Implications in Your Work Environment
Moderator: Katherine Deacon
Speakers: Mr. Sherwin Hibbets and Kim Jenerette

ED: FAFSA 2018-19 and Beyond
Moderator: Louisa Diana
Speakers: Edward M Pacchetti, Kaegy Pabulos and Jonathan Goodsell

Ethical Dilemmas in Determining Cost of Attendance
Moderator: Mary Sommers
Speakers: Mary Sommers and Pamela W Fowler

How You Can Advocate For Your Grad/Professional Students
Moderator: Stephen Payne
Speakers: Emily Osborn and Mendy Schmerer

In Data We Trust
Moderator: Ms. Victoria Hampton
Speakers: Dr. Shannon Venezia and Naomi McKenna

Newer Approaches to Facilitate Student Success With Financial Aid Programs
Moderator: Paula Luff
Speakers: Marvin Smith and Melissa Pizzo

Verification: The Questions You Are Asking
Moderator: Dana Kelly
Speaker: David Futrell

11:30 AM-12:30 PM

Beyond Regulations: The Important Role of Financial Aid in Recruitment and Retention
Moderator: Naomi McKenna
Speakers: Ms. Victoria Hampton and Katherine Deacon

Bridging the Faculty and Financial Aid Divide: Working Together to Provide All Students Affordability and Success
Moderator: Rachelle Feldman
Speakers: Dr. Sara Prewett and Dr. Brian P Hogan

Creating a New Funding Option—Back a Boiler 2 Years In
Moderator: Leo J Hertling
Speakers: Theodore Malone, Dr. Jeffrey Weinstein and Amanda Redick

ED: Direct Loan Reconciliation
Moderator: Sarah B Everitt
Speaker: Wood Mason

I Don’t Like Surprises: Effective Internal Audits and Compliance Programs
Moderator: Thomas McDermott
Speakers: Jennifer Martin and Ms. Dareth Wallace

Re-Examining Paradigms of Campus-Based Aid
Moderator: Jill Desjean
Speakers: Kelly Morrissey and Shannon L. Crossland

Updates from NASFAA's Work on Assisting Displaced Students
Moderator: Sydney Evans
Speakers: Sandy Baum, Amelia Topper and Karen McCarthy

3:00 PM-4:00 PM

Behind the PROSPER Act
Speakers: Justin Draeger and Emily Slack

Beyond the Headlines on Student Debt: New Research and College Policies to Help Students Manage their Borrowing
Moderator: Diane Cheng
Speakers: Diane Cheng, Ms. Helen Faith and Philip Schuman

ED: Return of Title IV (R2T4) Funds: Advanced Concept
Moderator: Katherine Deacon
Speakers: Greg Martin and David Musser

Influencing Enrollment and Student Success with SAP
Moderator: Jackie Gloria
Speakers: Steven McDowell and Gregory DeSantis

It Did Not Go As Expected: Audit Findings and Developing Corrective Action Plans
Moderator: Joan D Bailey
Speakers: Marjorie Arrington and Sharon Oliver

Of Square Pegs and Round Holes: Distance Education, CBE, and Other Innovations
Moderator: Jill Desjean
Speakers: Russell Poulin and Cheryl Dowd

4:15 PM-5:15 PM

ED: Maintaining Your Institutional Eligibility
Moderator: Ms. Victoria Hampton
Speakers: Michael Rhodes and Kai Kimbrough

Happy Together: Graduate Admissions and the Financial Aid Office
Moderator: Jessica Jacobs
Speakers: Emily Osborn and Tracy L Simmons

Results from Modeling a One-Time FAFSA Using Institutional Data
Moderator: Charlotte Etier
Speakers: Jill Desjean, Joseph Donlay, Jee Hang Lee, Colleen Campbell and Angela Johnson

What to Expect: Reauthorization in the Senate
Moderator: Megan McClean Coval
Speakers: Bryce McKibben and Lauren Davies

Women in Leadership: Conquering Unique Challenges
Moderator: Paula Luff
Speaker: Lisa Blazer