The Fit and Function(s) of Financial Aid in Enrollment Management

Monday, June 25, 2018: 3:15 PM-4:15 PM
Room 17AB (Austin Convention Center)
Session Type: Interest Sessions
Track: Professional Development & Management
Subcategories: Leadership/Manager's Track and Enrollment & Retention Track
Audience: Intermediate (3-7 years experience) and Advanced (8 or more years experience)
Credit Type: Credit Hours
School Type: All Schools
What does Enrollment Management (EM) encompass and what strategic organizational purpose(s) does it serve? This session will be part philosophical discussion and part practical discussion of just what EM is and means. Presenters will answer audience questions and discuss the differences between strategic EM and holistic EM, how the financial aid office fits into managing enrollments without treating students as a number or bottom line toward net revenue, and how where an office is housed in an organization can affect its functions/goals.
Daniel McCourry (Appalachian State University)
Dr. Forrest Stuart (Furman University)
Anthony P Jones (Appalachian State University)