Solutions to Help Your "Credit Invisible" Students Get Funding Without a Cosigner

Tuesday, June 26, 2018: 11:20 AM-11:40 AM
Learning Lounge - Exhibit Hall 4 (Austin Convention Center)
Session Type: Learning Lounge
  • "Credit invisible" students with a limited credit history and no access to a creditworthy cosigner are among the most vulnerable when lacking the financial resources to pay for their education.  Many of these often high-performing students need more money than the federal government will provide.  International students have fewer options.  What are the best solutions for students who are struggling to pay but are shut out from traditional options?  Kevin McNamara, Director of University Relations at MPOWER Financing, and Dennis Wentworth, VP of Business Development at Goal Structured Solutions, Inc., will  break down the problem and provide a solution. 
Dennis Wentworth (Goal Structured Solutions, Inc.)
Kevin McNamara (MPOWER Financing)