SULA Misunderstandings & Misreporting

Tuesday, June 25, 2019: 11:00 AM-12:00 PM
Northern Hemisphere C (Walt Disney World Dolphin)

Session Type: Interest Sessions
Track: Regulatory Implementation Track
Audience: All
Credit Type: Credit Hours and Clock Hours
School Type: All Schools
This session will address common Subsidized Usage Limit Applies (SULA) misunderstandings and misreporting. We'll begin with an overview of concepts and the requirements of the 150% limit. We'll delve into how reporting mistakes and some processing shortcuts can impact a borrower's subsidized loan eligibility or result in a loss of subsidy. Included will be guidance on how to configure a loan when remaining subsidized eligibility is less than 1.0 year. The goal is clean SULA processing and no longer needing a prior award year reopened to make necessary corrections.
Nathanael Lohr (Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis)
Ian Foss (U.S. Department of Education)