Using Federal Law, Research, and Practice to Improve Diversity Efforts in Scholarship Awards

Wednesday, June 28, 2017: 4:15 PM-5:15 PM
Room 15AB (San Diego Convention Center)
Session Type: Interest Sessions
Track: Advocacy
Subcategories: Leadership/Manager's Track
Audience: All
Credit Type: Credit Hours and Clock Hours
School Type: All Schools
Most institutions use scholarships to build a class that can achieve their unique mission and goals, including those related to access and diversity. When certain factors such as race or sexual orientation are used in scholarship decisions, different federal laws can be triggered. It is essential that institutions understand federal non-discrimination legal concepts to award scholarships in an effective, legally sustainable way that achieves institutional goals. This session joins legal and policy experts with financial aid practitioners to review the federal legal framework and provide concrete recommended strategies for meeting legal obligations and achieving institutional mission and goals.
Stephen Payne (NASFAA)
Teresa Taylor (EducationCounsel LLC)
Diane Corbett (The Ohio State University)
Thomas McWhorter (University of Southern California)
Joan A Zanders (Northern Virginia Community College)