Interest Sessions

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

8:30 AM-9:30 AM

A Little Nudge Goes a Long Way: Guiding Students Toward Responsible Borrowing
Moderator: Matt Nettleton
Speakers: Philip Schuman, Carissa Uhlman and William J. Cavin

Cost of Attendance: Is More Standardization Needed?
Moderator: Jill Desjean
Speakers: Matthew Moore, Diane Sprague and Pamela W Fowler

Early FAFSA and PPY: Experiences at Four Institutions -- an Update
Moderator: Rachelle Feldman
Speakers: Raul H. Lerma, Eileen O´Leary, Heather Hall Lewis and Gena Boling

Establishing Partnerships to Enhance Graduate & Professional Student Financial Literacy
Moderator: Mendy Schmerer
Speakers: Matthew Newlin and Jeff Tellin

Herding Cats: One University's Approach to Gainful Employment
Moderator: Laura Boesler
Speakers: Jennifer Martin and Juliet Moreland

9:45 AM-10:45 AM

Conflicting Information, Verification Oddities, and Other Challenges
Moderator: Edward J Ciosek
Speakers: Allene Curto and Lillian Rodriguez

Graduate/Professional Community Town Hall
Moderators: Mendy Schmerer, Billie Jo Hamilton and Justin Draeger

How Do I Advise My DACA Students Now?
Moderator: Lee Carrillo
Speaker: Angela D. Adams

NCAA – An Update on Division I Financial Aid Legislation
Moderator: Debra LaGrone
Speaker: Alex Smith

So You Want to Be a Leader?
Moderator: Susan Swisher
Speakers: Paula Luff and Daniel Mann

Student Eligibility
Speakers: Michael Kutcher and Jan A. Belton

11:00 AM-12:00 PM

Dual Enrollment Pell Grant Experimental Sites Initiative
Moderator: Jill Desjean
Speakers: Gregory Kienzl and Christian Zimmermann

I've Got the Prerequisite Blues
Moderator: William K Spiers
Speakers: Laurie Wolf and Joan A Zanders

Sharing Student Data – A Navigational Guide for Financial Aid Offices and Officers
Moderator: James Brooks
Speakers: Rebecca Flake, Mary Sommers and Paul Thompson

Strengthening the Efficacy of On-Campus Employment and Emergency Resources
Moderator: Amy Geist
Speakers: Gail DiSabatino, Amelia Parnell and Pam Bowers

Women in Leadership
Moderator: Billie Jo Hamilton
Speakers: Zina Haywood and Bonnie Baerwald

2:00 PM-3:00 PM

Financial Aid Counselor Surveys
Moderator: Charlotte Etier
Speakers: Jeff Webster, Daniel Federal Reserve Board Gorin and PJ Tabit

Graduate and Professional Loan Limits
Moderator: Jill Desjean
Speakers: David Sheridan and Mendy Schmerer

Re-examining Paradigms of Campus-based Aid Listening Session
Moderator: Megan McClean Coval
Speakers: Justin Draeger and Kelly Morrissey

Return of Title IV Funds Q&As
Speakers: David L Futrell and Jennifer Martin

The New Normal? A Debrief from the First Early FAFSA Cycle
Moderator: Seth Harris
Speakers: Susan Swisher, Julie Aldama and Sheelu Surender

3:15 PM-4:15 PM

Assessing Tuition and Debt-Free Higher Education
Moderator: Marie D. Johnson
Speakers: Lisa Hopper, Anthony P Jones and Kelly Morrissey

Common Audit Findings and Best Practices to Avoid Them
Moderator: F. Shanon Little
Speakers: Gregory Rinderle and Howard Leslie

Communication Planning and Execution: The Right Message at the Right Time
Moderator: Justin Chase Brown
Speakers: Tyler Pruett, Kristi Jovell, Liz Gross and Karla Weber

Creating the Funnel for Succession
Moderator: Karen Hanley
Speakers: Katherine Allen and Sara Beth Beth Holman

Navigating a Department of Education Program Review: Practical Strategies From Those Who Have Been There
Moderator: Marjorie Arrington
Speakers: Kathy Cheatham, Blain Butner and Katy Stahl

Proprietary School Town Hall
Speakers: Barbara Bickett, Chris Jennings, Lissa Wayne, Lori L Vedder and Karen McCarthy

Tuition Discounting: Results from the 2016 NACUBO Tuition Discounting Survey
Moderator: Lindsay Wayt
Speakers: Hernan Bucheli, Kathleen Dawley and Lesley McBain

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

10:15 AM-11:15 AM

4-Year Private Schools Town Hall
Moderator: Zita Barree
Speakers: Kim Jenerette, Brenda Hicks, Daniel Mann and Jill Desjean

A Financial Aid Director's Guide To Trending Legal Issues
Moderator: Kim Beveridge
Speakers: Joel Rudnick, Melissa Pizzo and Nicholas W Prewett

AskRegs Live
Speakers: Karen McCarthy, Dana Kelly, David L Futrell, Eunice W. Powell, David Tolman, Susan Shogren and Amanda Sharp

Getting it Right: A Synthesized Perspective on Financial Aid Best Practices
Moderator: Joseph Dobrota
Speakers: Sherwin Hibbets and Pamela W Fowler

Helping "First in Family" Students Develop a College Roadmap
Moderator: Robin Famiglietti
Speakers: Heidi Hunter-Goldsworthy, Shelby Smith and David Rice

NASFAA’s Recommendations to Improve the Partnership, Oversight and Transparency with FSA
Moderator: Stephen Payne
Speakers: Lisa Blazer and Justin Draeger

What is "Affordable" for 21st Century Students? Examining Net Price Through a Student Lens
Moderator: Charlotte Etier
Speakers: Jamey Rorison and Alain Poutré

11:30 AM-12:30 PM

Cross-Generational Competence: How to Get Multi-Generations to Work Together Effectively
Moderator: Lyn Kinyon
Speakers: Karen Krause and Brenda Hicks

NASFAA Policy Town Hall
Speakers: Justin Draeger, Megan McClean Coval and Lisa Blazer

NCES DataLab: Fast, Flexible, and Powerful Data Analysis Tools
Moderator: Charlotte Etier
Speakers: Stephanie Nevill and Pablo Traverso

Navigating the Sea of Academic Activity at a School Not Required to Take Attendance
Moderator: Alicia Keaton
Speakers: Dawn Herrod and Alicia Keaton

Student Debt: Rhetoric and Realities
Moderator: Anne Sturtevant
Speakers: Sandy Baum, Samantha Veeder and Philip Schuman

3:00 PM-4:00 PM

Cash Management: Dispersions on Disbursements
Speakers: David Tolman and Ilaria Puente

Community Colleges Town Hall
Speakers: Angela Johnson, Ellen R. Pickard and Justin Draeger

Emergency Resources for Students
Moderator: Charlotte Etier
Speakers: Sarah Bauder and David D. Page

Legislative Update from the Graduate and Professional Perspective
Moderator: Mendy Schmerer
Speaker: Megan McClean Coval

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My! Managing a Large Scale Financial Aid Operation
Moderator: Deborah Brown
Speakers: Cheryl Storie, Andrea Cipolla and Brian Berry

R2T4: Modules
Speakers: Brenda Murtha and Brenda Hicks

Two Offices, One Journey: Financial Aid & Education Abroad
Moderator: Margaret Tvrdy
Speakers: Eileen Griego and Joseph Donlay

4:15 PM-5:15 PM

Borrower Defense to Repayment: Are you Ready for July 1 , 2017?
Speakers: Katherine Lee Carey and Marilyn Faller

FAFSA, FAFSA: Proven Strategies to Increase Completion Rates
Moderator: MorraLee Keller
Speakers: Angela Johnson and Paola Santana

Financing Graduate Education: Who Enrolls and How Do They Pay?
Moderator: Charlotte Etier
Speakers: Sandy Baum, Janell Valdez and Sarah Lopez

Four-Year Public Schools Town Hall
Moderators: Justin Chase Brown, Pamela W Fowler, Megan McClean Coval and Lisa Blazer

PPY Implementation Task Force Wrap Up
Moderator: Heather Boutell
Speakers: Maureen Amos, Tarik Boyd and Rachelle Feldman

Using Federal Law, Research, and Practice to Improve Diversity Efforts in Scholarship Awards
Moderator: Stephen Payne
Speakers: Teresa Taylor, Diane Corbett, Thomas McWhorter and Joan A Zanders

Winding Down the Federal Perkins Loan Program
Speakers: Susan Shogren, Delisa Falks, G. Mike Johnson, Michael Riemke and Melissa Marie Van Meter