Affordability and Today’s Middle-Income Families

Tuesday, June 28, 2022: 4:00 PM-5:00 PM
Meeting Room 18ABC (Austin Convention Center)

Session Type: Interest Sessions
Track: Enrollment & Retention Track
Audience: Advanced (8 or more years experience) and All
Credit Type: Credit Hours and Clock Hours
School Type: Private School, Public School and All Schools
Affordability for today’s middle-income families is not a new subject. Much focus has been on increasing low-income populations, as a college education is the best way to obtain social and financial mobility. The same is true for middle-income families, but these populations are often caught between a rock and a hard place as they do not qualify for a Federal Pell Grant, but do not have the financial resources to pay the full cost of attendance. This issue of affordability has not gone unnoticed on college campuses, as many have seen a decline in this population at their institutions.
Jessica Bernier (The College Board)
Rodney Oto (Carleton College)
Tammie Durham Luis (University of Michigan)