Enrollment & Retention Track

Monday, June 27, 2022

8:30 AM-9:30 AM

A Collaborative Approach to Data Sharing: Financial Aid, Development, and Academic Success Initiatives
Moderator: Shannon Amundson
Speakers: Dr. Anthony P. Jones, Dr. Thomas Chase Hagood and Ms. Lindsay Nelson

Pivot! Developing Nimble Processes to Support Student (repeated Tuesday at 4:00pm)
Moderator: Shannon Jones
Speakers: Amy Cable, Scott Lapinski and Christine Saadi

9:45 AM-10:45 AM

Empowering Students From Historically Minoritized Groups Through Financial Wellness Education
Moderator: Mr. James Brooks
Speakers: Dr. Gilbert D Rogers and Ms. Jennifer Bell

How the Financial Aid Office Can Solve the Enrollment Crisis
Moderator: Mark McGinnis
Speakers: Amy Glynn, Chris Chumley and Carlo Salerno

Parents' View of College Search Process: Insights and Opportunities
Moderator: Heidi Carl
Speakers: Chad Olson, Dr. Angela Karlin and Mrs. Melissa Marie Van Meter

11:45 AM-12:45 PM

Financial Literacy and Helping Students Achieve College Success
Moderators: Kristin Hawley-Johnson and Heather Gaumer
Speakers: Dr. Christina Marie Tangalakis, Cathy Sarabia, Dr. James Blackburn and Francisco Valines

Professional Judgment is K.I.N.D. (Verification Is Not...PJ)
Moderator: David Alexander
Speakers: Mr. Daniel T Barkowitz, Craig Slaughter and Celena Tulloss

4:15 PM-5:15 PM

A Problem of Fit: How the Complexity of College Pricing Hurts Students — and Universities
Moderator: Rodney Oto
Speakers: Phillip Levine, Miranda McCall and Mary Nucciarone

Tuesday, June 28, 2022

11:15 AM-12:15 PM

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Ensuring Student Success by Promoting Educational Excellence
Moderator: Nanette White
Speakers: Lori Aiken, Betsy Burton-Strunk, Arnika Jackson and Robert Muhammad

How to Engage Your Students Better Than TikTok
Moderator: Rosemary Martinez-Kepford
Speakers: Tim Young and Chansone Durden

It's All Academic: Lessons From the Registrar's Office
Moderator: David Alexander
Speakers: Dr. Kimberley Willis and Mr. Daniel T Barkowitz

The Bias in Funding Higher Education: How Obstacles Impact Students and What You Can Do
Moderator: Yvonne Campbell
Speakers: Lauren Klink, Joselyn Diaz-Valdes and Katy Weisenburger

2:40 PM-3:40 PM

Impacts of FAFSA Simplification on Need Analysis and Packaging Policies
Moderator: Kristi Jovell
Speakers: Gail Holt, Kristi Jovell, Samantha Veeder and Brad Barnett

2:40 PM-5:00 PM

Confronting and Removing Bias in Financial Aid Practices
Moderator: Lauren Klink
Speakers: Dr. Devon L. Graves, Dr. Keyimani L Alford, Helen Faith, Silvia Marquez, Rachelle Feldman and Marvin Smith

4:00 PM-5:00 PM

Affordability and Today’s Middle-Income Families
Moderator: Jessica Bernier
Speakers: Rodney Oto and Tammie Durham Luis