Interest Sessions

Sunday, July 19, 2015

2:30 PM-3:30 PM

A Collective and Pioneering Methodology to Student Financial Literacy
Moderator: Jonna Raney
Speakers: Brad Burnett, Shana Stanton and Judi Voeller

Federal Town Hall
Moderator: Bridgette Betz
Speakers: Jeff Baker, Lynn Mahaffie, Carney McCullough, Justin Draeger, Daniel Mann and Eileen O'Leary

From "Schoolhouse Rock" to IFAP
Moderator: Nancy Ferguson
Speakers: Philip Hawkins and Anthony P Jones

Innovative New Programs-How to Remain in Compliance in a Changing Landscape
Moderator: Gina Soliz
Speakers: Terri Elizabeth LeGrand and Thomas Benza

It’s All in the Game!
Moderator: Leslie Bridson
Speakers: Jana Haile and Julie Wickstrom

Making Determinations of Unaccompanied Homeless Youth Status
Moderator: Jennifer Martin
Speakers: Cyekeia Lee, Richard Heath and Jennifer Martin

NASFAA Management Benchmarking Task Force
Moderator: Charlotte Etier
Speakers: Charlotte Etier and Dan Davenport

R2T4 - Credit Hour Programs
Moderator: Allison Sullivan
Speakers: Dan Klock and David Musser

3:45 PM-4:45 PM

Award Letters: Decoding with Students and Families
Moderator: Ali Caccavella
Speakers: Ali Caccavella and Valerie Miller

Communicating Value vs. Price - Why Transparency is Key
Moderator: Edward R Recker
Speakers: Edward R Recker, Joseph Spencer and Rebecca Jenkins

ED’s New Consumer-Facing College Resource
Moderator: Jacob Gross
Speaker: Jamienne Studley

Examining Trends & Solutions in Administrative Burden
Moderator: Megan McClean
Speakers: Megan McClean, Charlotte Etier and Terry Hartle

Federal Update on HRSA's Title VII and VIII - Student Loans and Scholarships
Moderator: Deidra Cummings
Speaker: Charles Carpenter

Innovative Strategies for Diversity in the Financial Aid Office
Moderators: Wayne Harewood and Robert Weinert
Speakers: William Lindsey, Rosemary Martinez-Kepford and Robert Weinert

R2T4 - Module Programs
Moderator: Denise Welch
Speakers: Dan Klock and David Musser

Verification for 2016-17
Moderator: Elizabeth Garcia
Speaker: Carney McCullough

Monday, July 20, 2015

10:15 AM-11:15 AM

Federal Town Hall
Moderator: Ben Burton
Speakers: Jeff Baker, Lynn Mahaffie, Carney McCullough, Megan McClean and Daniel Mann

Gainful Employment
Moderator: Joseph A Bailey
Speakers: Cynthia Hammond and Greg Martin

Innovative Tools to Enhance Your NASFAA Membership Experience
Moderators: Jennifer Williams and Brian Lemma
Speakers: Scott Cline, Ashley Smith, Shannon L. Crossland and Carrie Conrad

Leveraging Financial Aid to Expand Student Opportunities
Moderator: Monica Kramer
Speakers: Amanda Fijal and Meredith Daw

NSLDS Update
Moderator: Sean McGivney
Speaker: Eric Hardy

New Research and College-Level Policies to Help Students Borrow Responsibly
Moderator: Diane Cheng
Speakers: Diane Cheng, Kevin Jensen and James Kennedy

The Big Idea in Student Aid: NASFAA’s Policy Challenge
Moderators: Justin Draeger and Eileen O'Leary

The Future of PSLF: Recommendations, Reauthorization, and Beyond
Moderator: Karen McCarthy
Speakers: Candance Frazier and Lisa Ciritella

11:30 AM-12:30 PM

Consumer Information Requirements
Moderator: Susan Swisher
Speakers: Ashley Higgins and David Bartnicki

Educating the Department of Education and Congress About Graduate Education
Moderator: Megan McClean
Speakers: Megan McClean and Michael Goodman

Examining NCAA Rule Changes and Cost of Attendance
Speakers: Justin Draeger, Richard Shipman and Chuck Knepfle

Gainful Employment
Moderator: Sara Holman
Speakers: Cynthia Hammond and Greg Martin

Leveraging Analytics to Drive Financial Aid Counseling Strategy
Moderator: Bethany Willard
Speakers: Jarod Paulson and Timothy Eaton

Minimizing Liabilities in an ED Program Review
Moderator: Anne Sullivan Polino
Speakers: Blain Butner, Kathy Cheatham and Matthew Moore

Privacy and Data Protection
Moderator: Matthew Stokan
Speaker: Cheng Tang

Student Loan Repayment Through Employer Withholding
Speakers: Karen McCarthy, Alex Holt and Jennifer Wang

Working with Undocumented Students: Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals
Moderator: Nathan Basford
Speakers: Joan D Bailey, Francisco Valines, JoEllen Soucier and Ignacia Rodriguez

3:15 PM-4:15 PM

COD Update
Moderator: Mary Horgan
Speaker: Wood Mason

Consumer Information Requirements
Moderator: David W Janey
Speakers: Ashley Higgins and David Bartnicki

Financial Literacy - Grad Students: Highly Intelligent v. Financially Savvy
Moderator: Donna Miller
Speakers: Jill Stone, Anthony Sozzo and Jennifer Markham Hulvey

Helping Students Make Good Financial Decisions
Moderator: Karen E Foust
Speakers: Jenelle Dito, Ron Day, Venus M Puliafico and Lisa Mitchell

Holistic Campus Solutions-Collaborating Towards Student Retention & Success
Moderator: Silvia Marquez
Speakers: Rachelle Feldman, Marian Dill and Helen Faith

NCAA - An Update on Division I Financial Aid Legislation
Moderator: Karen Krause
Speaker: Kris Richardson

Two Loan Disbursements + Midterm Grades = Increase in Student Success!
Moderator: Stephen Queisser
Speakers: Stephanie Sutton and Valerie Fultz

Verification for 2016-17
Moderator: Donna Kolb
Speaker: Carney McCullough

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

9:00 AM-10:00 AM

150% Direct Subsidized Loan Limits
Moderator: Anthony Erwin
Speakers: Ian Foss and Nathan Arnold

COD Update
Moderator: Robin Darcangelo
Speaker: Wood Mason

Evaluating & Reporting the Effectiveness of Online Communication w/Students
Moderator: Crystal Bruntz
Speakers: Chandra Owen, Joseph Donlay, Ofelia Morales and Liz Gross

Graduate/Professional Town Hall Meeting
Moderator: Mary B. W. Fenton
Speakers: Daniel Mann, Justin Draeger and Eileen O'Leary

NASFAA's Peer Review Program: Like An Audit But w/Empathy & Advice
Moderator: Chuck Knepfle
Speakers: James White and Lois Kelly

R2T4 & Modules: Navigating the New Regulations from the Campus Perspective
Moderator: William Mullane
Speakers: Heather Boutell and Raymond Kimmel

Simplifying R2T4: Findings from NASFAA’s Task Force
Moderator: Karen McCarthy
Speakers: Elaine Pimentel and James Broscheit

Walking the Path: Behavioral Finance to Strengthen Financial Ed Outcomes
Moderator: Carissa Uhlman
Speakers: Tracy Austin, Joel Gardner and Elijah Herr

10:15 AM-11:15 AM

It’s Not Just About Equity Anymore!
Moderator: Billie Jo Hamilton
Speakers: Lisa Blazer and Mary Sommers

150% - A Life Cycle Overview
Moderator: Scotty Wallace-Juedes
Speakers: Eric Hardy and Wood Mason

150% Direct Subsidized Loan Limits
Moderator: Peg Mason
Speakers: Ian Foss and Nathan Arnold

Improving Student Solutions from Federal Policy Change
Moderator: Charlotte Etier
Speakers: Megan McClean, Carrie Warick and Andrew Nichols

Improving the Campus-Based Aid Allocation Formula
Moderator: Karen McCarthy
Speakers: Patricia Hurley, Mark L. Lindenmeyer, Pamela Fowler and Christine W McGuire

Reflecting a Changing Society: Diversity in the Hiring Process
Moderator: David D. Page
Speakers: Tiffany Gibbs and Isela Boehm

State Authorizations
Speakers: Scott D Prince and Sophia McArdle

The Reward for Doing a Good Job is More Work!
Moderator: Michelle Trame
Speakers: Paula Luff, Zina Haywood and Laurie Wolf

1:45 PM-2:45 PM

150% - A Life Cycle Overview
Moderator: Terry Finefrock
Speakers: Eric Hardy and Wood Mason

A Financial Aid Director's Guide to Trending Legal Issues
Moderator: Marcia McConnell
Speaker: Joel Rudnick

Compliance Officer: Do You Need Me?
Moderator: Jennifer Martin
Speakers: Jennifer Martin, Barbara Bickett, Carrie Bishop and Terri Elizabeth LeGrand

Encouraging Good Behavior: Lowering Defaults Through Early Consumer Info
Moderator: Katherne Carson
Speakers: Jeff Webster, Raul Lerma, David Krause and Christopher Murr

FAFSA Simplification: Finding the Right Way
Moderator: Justin Draeger
Speakers: Justin Draeger, Karen McCarthy, Gail Holt, Patricia Hurley and Sarah Bauder

How to Say No: Improving Responses to Award Appeals
Moderator: Viola Heard
Speakers: Randy J. Ulses and Paula Luff

Repayment Plans
Moderator: Aaron Steffens
Speakers: Ian Foss and Nathan Arnold

State Authorizations
Moderator: Sally Mickelson
Speakers: Scott D Prince and Sophia McArdle

3:00 PM-4:00 PM

Advanced Techniques in Social Media
Moderator: David Long
Speakers: Temeka Easter and Philip Schuman

Federal Town Hall
Moderator: Craig Slaughter
Speakers: Jeff Baker, Lynn Mahaffie, Carney McCullough, Karen McCarthy, Daniel Mann and Eileen O'Leary

Hiring, Training and Promoting the Emerging Leaders
Moderator: Shashanta S James
Speakers: Shashanta S James and Pamela Fowler

Legislative Update from the Graduate and Professional Perspective
Moderator: Mary B. W. Fenton
Speaker: Megan McClean

Repayment Plans
Moderator: Linda Good
Speakers: Ian Foss and Nathan Arnold

Tune Up Your Compliance - Part Deux
Moderator: Marjorie Arrington
Speaker: Rebecca Flake

4:15 PM-5:15 PM

Graduate/Professional Orientation Changing Practices
Moderator: Julia Jenkins
Speakers: Paul Dodds, John Garcia and Peter Goss

Happy Staff, Happy Life
Speaker: Barbara Miller

Inside the Beltway: NASFAA Federal Update
Speakers: Justin Draeger and Megan McClean

NSLDS Update
Moderator: Amy Cable
Speaker: Eric Hardy

Responsible Borrowing Initiatives
Moderator: Robert Collins
Speakers: Janie Leddy, Amy Kearns and Devan Aschenbrener

Reviewing the Results of the Loan Servicing Issues Task Force
Moderator: Tami Sato
Speakers: Elena Olivier, Charlotte Etier, Margaret H. Rodriguez and Rohit Chopra

Title IV, Veterans & Military Benefits Administration at a Crossroads
Moderator: Matthew Johnson
Speakers: Marjorie Arrington, Megan Burda and Andrea M Wheeler

Verification for 2016-17
Moderator: Virginia Tucker
Speaker: Carney McCullough